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Technology development companies located In and with the support of established companies Technopreneurship Capital investments tax relief will be provided.

Technology Development Zones; return to the products commercialised by the academic information, technology-oriented start-up companies upon completion of the incubation phase and development of cross-company synergy provided important structures. Technopreneurship Capital Support; technology and innovation-oriented business ideas, within the framework of a business plan, creating added value and qualified employment to encourage high potential ventures dönüştürebilmelerini for capital support.

The growth of technology-based firms, our country came out successful entrepreneurial ecosystem is very important in terms of reach. At this point, the private sector in the development phases of the completion of the company's Investor role is important, too. This role to encourage r & d known as the Reform Package Supporting research and Development Activities No. 6676 the law decision amending Some laws and with the Legislative Amendment has been introduced an important innovation with the law.

What's New From With Changes

According to the Reform Package introduced by the r & d; Technology development zones deemed appropriate by the Ministry to businesses operating in the areas to be used in the financing of the project will perform the income and corporate tax payers, declared income of capital support provided by, or ten percent of corporate earnings and equity does not exceed 20% of the profits in the determination of the premises to be made the subject of a discount.  Also founded with the support of businesses that Technopreneurship Capital held in the scope of the investment comes from this arrangement and corporate tax payers to firms investing in r & d project owner having been particularly start-up firms encouraged to sustainability. Discounts will be the upper limit of the amount is set at $500,000 subject.

Provide A Tax Technology Fields

According to regulation brought by law; Technology development zones with businesses operating in Technopreneurship Capital established businesses with support funding to perform projects for use in the income and corporate tax payers of commercial profits or capital support provided by corporate earnings in order to subject the project in determining discount fields determine the provision by the Ministry.

A decision taken by the Ministry; Technology development zones located in the companies by or conducted with support and Technopreneurship Capital NACE Rev. 2 according to medium-high and high-tech r & d and innovation, which are located in areas with all of the design project for this arrangement will apply.

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