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ANADOLU PATENT; in 1976, founder, Mustafa AL has started to operate de facto in 1986 by the ANATOLIAN CONSULTANCY has continued to operate under the umbrella of Ankara. Investment Advisory marching along with trademark and patent consulting, developing Turkey's economy to firms with industrial and intellectual property rights issues in order to provide more services have expanded workspace. Developments in recent years on Anatolian Patent Consulting Information and trading co., Ltd. the work of our company with the title continues unabated.

Currently Turkey has industrial and intellectual property rights support to companies about the overseas collaborations with ANATOLIAN PATENT, regardless of the country across the globe, the same matters continues its support to our company.

Thomson Reuters is a result of cooperation entered ANATOLIA with the PATENT; our WORLD-wide BRAND and company DESIGN offers a tracking service. With this service we at ANADOLU PATENT; emerging market economy and increased competitive environment we help to protect TURKISH marks, as well as DESIGNS.

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