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Always with you to invest …

We as a family for many years of ANATOLIAN CONSULTANCY Promoting investment and export consultancy serving. With the start of planned development projects in our country in this sector started to occur. Especially Rahmetlik Özal begins opening up, development and globalization in the economy, including investment, particularly with the expansion of our SMEs and subsequently exports have increased opportunity to do. In this period is of paramount importance in the consultancy sector is beginning to.

Investment is a matter of a culture. Relates to people's feelings. It's not easy to win win the love of the country and invest in human services are the joy and happiness of producing deep love. Not the same language the same culture in this production of export or share the same thoughts we share happiness with the people that will say a thing. Promoting on behalf of the investor is not an advantage of industrialists to take effect to compete with global world and be struggle. To be the global market should be supported on equal terms with the global world and should be equitable competition. That's incentive for that. A Coach's Word, the late Vehbi "No industrialist factory chimney is not put in the Tomb door they made is to this country," he told the industrialists for short.

Not sharpened for consulting the all-knowing. In this sense, the experience, the work done is not to solve the problem of the diversity to avoid trouble previously is the art of taking measures. There is a nice word. " The essential thing is to "do the right thing and not do it right here in this sense many years of institutionalized structure history not as a customer-focused service solutions. What we do is by understanding the force of a worship service. With a structure that is not he doesn't deserve in our country, we sure, export cımıza service. With this in mind that we're out on the road with us for many years and trusts makes us companies that support our supply. From now on, it's a cruel world with newly developed in incentive systems in the face of rampant development of our new our new firm says many successes we offer respect.

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